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Invite candidates from other job search websites, get a personality reports, video interviews candidates and smart matching feature.

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What can JobSmart do ?

How it Works

4 Easy Phases to Operate Effectively recruit review.
Hemat waktu penyaringan kandidat dengan cepat.


Post a Job

Post your job ad in JobSmart to find the candidate.


Invite Candidate

Invite candidates that you get from other job search sites to take the test in JobSmart.


Automatic filtering

Each candidate will be separated based on the qualifications specified during the manufacture of vacancies.


Get the best candidates

After pass the automatic screening you can process the candidate to the next step


We understand the difficulty to get a right candidate, cost of process, time and energy

Personality Analysis

Kami membantu Anda untuk mendapatkan kandidat yang tepat, salah satu metode yang digunakan ialah tes kepribadian.

Pre-Interview Video

Because the spirit and gesture can not be seen from a piece of paper, see the Company's candidate you are looking for more clearly through the video.

Smart Assessment

To be more confident, you can provide a custom question that will be answered by the candidate to fit the necessary criteria.

Smart Pick

Make it easy for the candidate screening process by providing a filter from IQ to personality required by the Company.

Smart Hunter

Companies can see all the candidates who enroll in JobSmart and find the desired candidates without posting vacancies.

Premium Smart Hunter

JobSmart will conduct a search of the desired candidate so you just have to wait for notification from us.

Online Personality Report

We help to get to know the characteristics of the candidates you have

Reports candidate personality that we provide to you are made of some personality tests, in order to facilitate the decision-making.

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Video Interview

It's time to eliminate bias when screening candidates.

Get a first impression of the candidate, see how they express themselves while doing a video interview.

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Smart Pick

Help you to be more efficient screening candidates

We help to choose suitable candidates with characteristics that you provide. Cool, can screening thousands of candidates in a second.

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Pay monthly, enjoy all the features to screen candidates quickly!


Free Forever

  • Unlimited Job Posting
  • 1 Screening package:
    • Unlimited Personality Report
    • Unlimited Video interview
    • Unlimited Smart Pick
  • 1 User
  • Integrated Career site


Rp 2,7 juta /month

  • Unlimited Job Posting
  • 3 Screening package:
    • Unlimited Personality Report
    • Unlimited Video interview
    • Unlimited Smart Pick
  • 3 User
  • Integrated Career site


Rp 9 juta /month

  • Unlimited Job Posting
  • Unlimited Screening package:
    • Unlimited Personality Report
    • Unlimited Video interview
    • Unlimited Smart Pick
  • 10 User
  • Integrated Career site

*The package price does not include taxes 10%

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